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I can clean your gutters, or install the gutter guard.

I will even credit the gutter cleaning price back against your gutter guard quote should you decide within 90 days to go ahead with the gutter guard. Ask me for details about this offer !!

It is very rare these days to find a guarantee like this, that someone will come back and fix it for free if it does not work.

Most companies’ “guarantee” is simply a manufactures warranty on the material – so if the material fails they will send you a replacement piece for you top reinstall yourself – they DON’T guarantee that it will stop leaves blocking your gutters !! The “devil is in the detail” so you should carefully read exactly WHAT they are “guaranteeing”.

I have been installing this gutter guard for 11 years now, so I DO know what it can do.

One of the problems some companies have, is that their installers don’t do a good job.

I have even been told of some companies who will only sell you the MATERIAL, then send a “preferred installer” around to install the material. This nicely seperates them from your dispute should you have a problem with the installer or the installation – particularly in the case where the installer has installed it poorly, or in a different way to what you were told at the time of the quotation.

I do ALL of my own installations.

You only EVER deal with ONE person – ME.

Another “trick of the trade” is not supplying a proper written quote. I have heard of some companies who provide a quote on the back of a business card – DO NOT ACCEPT THIS !!!


ALL my quotes are written in full on site at the time of the quotation, and given to you IMMEDIATELY.

I supply you with:

  • A full written quotation
  • A sample of the material
  • Photos of an installation similar to yours

On the quotation I include:

  • Your TOTAL price you will pay – for cleaning the gutters, supplying AND fitting the gutter guard
  • Schematics of HOW the gutter guard will be fitted
  • Details setting out the guarantee – and all the other terms and conditions


When comparing my quote with others’ – don’t accept any less than this amount of detail – to safeguard yourself should you have a problem with the installer or installation method, or later on if it doesn’t work as advertised.


Please call me today on 0419 419 572 (Brian) to discuss any questions or request a quotation.


Brian Donaldson


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