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Information Appropriate To Lawn Mowing & Gardening Services


For spraying weeds WITHIN THE LAWN a SELECTIVE herbicide is used (which means it kills the weeds but NOT your lawn)

Commonly used: Kamba M

MSDS/Fact Sheet From Manufacturer: http://www.nufarm.com/Assets/21187/1/KAMBAM_MSDS.pdf

Effect On Animals (Pets) From Qld Gov’t: http://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/uploadedFiles/moretonbay/environment/vegetation/blue-morning-glory-using-kamba-m.pdf


For weed spraying within concrete edges and gravel or areas where a TOTAL eradication of all weeds and plants is required:

Commonly Used: “Roundup” (by Monsanto)

MSDS/Fact Sheet From Manufacturer: (Roundup Dual Salt Technology “DST”): http://m.nufarm.com/Assets/21236/1/Roundup_DST_MSDS.pdf

Further Info / Effect On Animals (Pets) From Wikipedia:



 Pre-prepared solutions commonly used by home owners (quite often applied “connected to a garden hose”)

Customers have reported to me that they have used a “weed and feed” type of premixed application themselves.  Quite often they say it has not worked. “WHY” – I do not know as I haven’t been there when they applied it to know what (if anything) they did wrong.


Some easy traps to fall into when applying poisons:


Poison should be:

  • Applied at the correct rate (as in litres per hectare, or to what point of cover or saturation)
  • Applied at the correct concentration (how much concentrate per litre of water)
  • Applied at the correct time of day
  • Applied at the correct time in the drought cycle
  • Applied with respect to the correct period after or before rain
  • Only used when leaving the correct period before or after mowing


In my experience the “concentrate” type poisons work better.

It is important when working with these poisons to follow the safety and preparation guidelines exactly.

If you are unsure of what to do, DONT DO ANYTHING – find out the correct information first or employ a professional.